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 Rates quoted are subject to change and are plus tax and fees stated in the Terms of Service of each provider.  

 Low Cost Telecommmunications is proud to present:


Triple Play - Internet/TV/Phone

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High-speed internet, TV and digital phone bundle, or the famous "Triple-play" is now offered by Low Cost Telecommunications. You can get the latest and the best rates available in your area from major service providers, right here, right now by using our state of the art real-time online lookup form!

Triple Play Rate Calculator:


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Residential Business

Introducing combined local and long distance telephone services! Get your local dial tone and long distance in a bundle for one LOW monthly fee. Now you can have ONE BILL instead of two for only a fraction of the cost you are paying now...  



Phone Power: Need a Call Hunt group between several work sites? Need an Auto Attendant to route calls through your office? Need to connect employees at remote offices or working from home? No problem!

Phone Power Hosted PBX offers an enterprise level phone system, available on a per-line basis. Grow as your needs change, you can always add more lines.

Phone Power offers virtually unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada and incredibly low
International Rates to the rest of the world.

Cleartel Residental and Business Voice Solutions Get more bang for your buck with Cleartel's great Residential and Business voice solutions. Available in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Midwestern United States.


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