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Low Cost Telecommmunications is proud to present:

Great for fundraising for schools, churchs, and other organizations.  Our services can be sold as a fundraiser.   Tax exempt organizations will receive their commission on a tax exempt basis.  Why not create a commission base your organization will receive as long as the customer uses many of our services.  Just sign up as a regular agent and then submit your tax exempt TIN. 


 ^I would like to help your group's fundraising effort.  Since I am your sponsor, I is my pleasure to donate 50% of the commission that I receive due to your group's sales back to your group.  Please notify me that your group has signed up and you will begin receiving checks from me as I receive mine.  Applies to Commission River commissions on the above link ONLY.  Contact me 

Affinity Groups & Fund Raisers:

Cognigen customer acquisition engine is ideal for raising money for your organization or charity. Cognigen offers a buffet of products and functionality that can be used to meet your goals.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

We have helped dozens of organizations to lower their members' bills while the organizations have earned money every month!

Large and small affinity groups
Companies, business organizations and groups like colleges, public service companies, and other organizations (both for-profit and non-profit).

Non-profit Organizations
Churches and church youth groups, Sports teams such as football, basketball, soccer, etc, High school marching band, Cheerleading and color guard, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts and almost any school group, booster club or PTO/PTA group

What are the program benefits?

There's a problem with the "traditional" fund raisers like bake sales, car washes, and the like. When the baked goods are gone, when the car wash hoses are turned off, when the last volunteer has gone home for the day, the same thing happens to your revenue stream - that source of income is shut off too!

Cognigen's turn-key solution
Is a much better way to benefit your organization with a program that has the following characteristics:

  • Zero cost to implement or join the program.
  • Income accrues 24x7, month after month and year after year.
  • The group is given a free, professionally built web site.
  • The group's free web page contains links to a wide variety of very cost-competitive products and services that the group can market and sell.
  • Customer ordering is done online -- paper forms are available but not required.
  • There are no deliveries to make, no inventory to stock, no collections to make.
  • Commissions on sales are the highest in this product/service segment.
  • Your group markets products and services that people are already using, worldwide, daily, for what they are probably paying too much.
  • Your group is using products and services at extremely competitive prices that will actually save people money, instead of asking them to buy highly over-priced items that they don't really want or need.
How Much Money Can My Group Earn?

That's entirely up to you. The amount of commission paid to your group every month is dependent on how many sales are made, which products and services are sold, and the amount of usage each customer has. Some services pay residual commission, some have a one-time bonus payment.

The following assumptions are made for the purpose of example only:

Your group has gathered 100 Long Distance customers. Each customer uses $30 of long distance service during the month. (The national average is actually a bit higher than that.) That's total combined usage of $3,000 of long distance. Your group's commission level is 8% to 10%. (Actually even more on some products, from 12% to 17%!)

So, for this one month, the commission check paid to your group is for $240 to $300. That's just one month -- do the math on how that works out over the course of an entire year, especially if your group continues gathering customers, and sells more than just the very competitive long distance services, as this example shows!

How does the process work?

The whole process is automated and it's extremely simple. All you need is to follow these two steps:

Signup for the Commission River Affinity Groups & Fund Raisers program This part of the process will create your account and give you further instructions about your website.

Give your website address to your members
Send your members to your newly created website so they can enjoy the savings and you can start making money.

It's simple as that. Our automated system will allow your members to order products and services instantly online. Our vendors will do the billing, so all you really need to do is occasionally logon your private web site to check your status and commission reports to find out how much money you have made!

About the commission checks:
Vendor Reporting cut-off is the 28th of each month. There may be a delay if a vendor is late in reporting. Checks are printed and sent for processing and mailing on the next business day. Please note holidays and week-ends will affect the date a check is sent and received by the agent. Cognigen reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason.


Are you a non-profit organization that needs to raise funds?  Why not offer Cognigen's high quality and low prices to your members and to the general public as a fund raiser.  Your organization will be registered as a Commission River agent.  Your organization will receive either a one time spiff or a commission based on usage depending on which service is selected.   Your members can have the satisfaction of knowing that either a one time commission or a portion of the charge on each call is received by your organization.  Commissions will continue as long as your member or customer retains and uses the service.  Checks will be issued by Commission River under your TIN as a donation. 

If your members and sponsers would like support your organization through the use of Commission River products and services please click on the link above.   Just sign up as a regular agent and then submit your tax exempt TIN. 

Commission River Fundraising

 ^I would like to help your group's fundraising effort.  Since I am your sponsor, I is my pleasure to donate 50% of the commission that I receive due to your group's sales back to your group.  Please notify me that your group has signed up and you will begin receiving checks from me as I receive mine.  Applies to Commission River commissions on the above link ONLY.  Contact me

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