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Low Cost Telecommmunications is proud to present:


GemTrac GPS Personal Locator System

GemTrac GPS Personal Locator System

If you are looking for the best non-GPS tracking solution the BrickHouse Locator is the right product for you. Click Here for more info.UNIT ACTIVATION FEE OF $19.95 Request and get locations on your cell Phone Emergency Panic Button sends Alert via e-mail, text or phone Listen in feature lets you hear if there is trouble Safety Zone Alerts upon entry or exit of the area you define GemTrack gives you capabilities and control that no other unit offers. Web based, password protected "control panel" puts you in total command of your tracker. You can quickly obtain current location including map and full street address, set up geofencing alarms, turn on and off auto-track feature, obtain historical data and adjust report rate. If you need a quick find, just call from your cell phone, and in moments you will receive a text message with the full address of current tracker location. Emergency SOS button sends location and message to preset numbers or emails. Allows emergengy voice calls to 2 preset phone numbers. Operates up to 15 hours on a single charge. Includes charger, arm band, hands free adaptor, and cigar lighter adaptor. Emergency Remote Audio Monitoring – In an emergency situation, activate this feature and you will hear voices and sounds happening around your GemTrack. Locate Loved Ones – Did your daughter come directly home after school? Know where your loved one is through the website or a simple phone call. View the location on the online map or receive a message back to your cell phone or email with the location’s address. SOS - Great for children, aging relatives and workers in the field. Anyone carrying a GemTrack can send an SOS Alert with a simple push of a button. Autotrack – Wondering how your son is making his way across the country on a road trip? By setting up the Autotrack feature through the control panel, you decide how often you get updates on his whereabouts. Every hour on the hour? No problem. Once every two hours…done. Geofence/Safety Zone – Want to make sure your child stays within their school zone? With the Geofence activated, you are automatically alerted if your child leaves this area. Locate Valuable Property – Visiting client after client and you can’t find your laptop? With a Gemtek in your briefcase, simply place a call to your device and quickly receive a message back telling you the location of your laptop. Control Voice Calling - Stop worrying about who your child or employee may be calling and running up high cell phone bills. Your Lightning can only place outbound calls to 2 numbers you select. Through advanced engineering and design, the GemTrack has revolutionized the personal tracking industry, enabling consumers worldwide to learn the precise location of the device with a few Internet keystrokes or simply by placing a phone call. In addition to the tracking capability, the unit also functions as a cell phone. The GemTrack fits into a child s



BrickHouse Child Locator with Wander Alerts

Watch As Parents Give Their Honest Opinions Using The Locator So Easy, Even A Parent Can Use It As you get closer, the beeps get louder while the directional guides get stronger, letting you know you are moving closer to the tag and not further; helping you shorten the search for your wandering child. The convenient on-screen directional display and audio guidance leads you in the right direction the first time, quickly and reliably up to 600* feet away. As an added precaution, a Panic Tag with new "click" technology is included for your child to press alerting you they feel in danger. With batteries lasting up to 90 days powered by Duracell, you know that The BrickHouse Child Locator will always be there when you need it most. Use Anywhere: Indoors or Outdoors...Especially In Busy Places We all know what it's like to turn your head for a fraction of a second and lose sight of your child. This is especially true in busy situations such as malls, camping, amusement parks, carnivals, or sporting events. Is your child hiding in that rack of clothes? The BrickHouse Child Locator is trusted by Duracell to keep your family safe, anywhere, even in the most hectic environments. Features: Wander Alert Mode Warn you via Loud Beeps & Vibration if any of your tagged items are outside of your "safety zone." The safety ranges can be set independently for each tag Locate Mode Helps you find tagged items up to 600* feet away outdoors, and up to 250 plus feet away indoors Audio and Visual Loud Beeping and Directional guidance leads you within 1 inch tag Homing Tags The instant wandering occurs, an audible beep and flashing LED light helps you locate quickly, even in the dark Panic Tag With a "Click" the wearer sends a distress alarm instantly to the handheld 24 Tags Each handheld Locator can track up to 24 tags independently Splash Resistant Bracelets & Keyrings Available seperately, comfortable splash resistant wristbands and keyrings allows your child to wear the tag like a watch or attach to belongings Includes: 1x Handheld Locator Device 3x Mini Homing Tags 1x Panic Homing Tag 4x Key Ring Loop and Adhesive Strips User Guide Duracell Batteries Included Please Note: *600 feet range is based on clear line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on use, environment and location. Always test this device before each use. Electronics devices should not be relied upon 100% of the time. BrickHouse Electronics, LLC products are not designed to deter or prevent kidnappings, abductions, runaways, or missing persons. Product quality, reliability, and accuracy may be affected by environmental or physical conditions in the area where products are being used. Environmental or physical conditions that may affect the quality, accuracy, or reliability of products include,



Child Protection Kit

Child Protection Kit

Keep all of your children’s vital information, up-to-date photos, fingerprints, dental records, and hair samples in one convenient place.... It may save a child’s life! Having a child abducted is a parent’s biggest fear, as no parent wants to imagine this happening. Police will tell you that the first 48 hours are the most critical when it comes to missing children. For some added insurance and protection, consider getting The Official Child Protection Kit by Security Plus®. This kit contains complete forms and documentation that police can use to identify a missing child. Complete with enough materials for 2 children, including: (2) official child identification forms, (2) inkless finger-printing kits, (2) poly bags (labeled) to safely store hair samples, (2) poly bags to store dental records and (2) poly bags to keep photographs of your children. Includes a Free Child Safety booklet. Child Protection Kit - #CPK $14.95




GREEN - Bug Child Locator

GREEN - Bug Child Locator

Quickly locate your child wherever you are with a touch of a button. The giggle bug is child locator device that allows you to easily locate your child instantly in almost any situation. Simply push the button on the parent transmitter and an 85 dB sounding alarm will sound at the receiver, which is, attached your child. This unit is perfect for taking with you when you go to the mall, the playground, birthday parties or any other place for you feel you child might wander off. The giggle bug is the only child locator on the market that will sound an alarm when the unit is detached or removed from your child's clothing. The giggle bug comes standard with one parent transmitter unit, one child receiver unit and batteries. Unit also comes equipped with low battery power indicator. Giggle bug has an indoor effective range of 75 to 100 feet and effective outdoor range of up to 150 feet. Giggle Bug Red


 Will your PC survive a PC disaster?  security,car,home,office,family 

^Back up your date to a remote, secure location

 change your caller ID 

VISEC turns your computer into a Powerful Video Surveillance System! Please click here

With VISEC you can keep an eye on everything you ever wanted without spending a fortune.

Keep an eye on your home, office, cars, and valuables. Watch your pets. Watch your kids. Keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter. Best of all you can do this from any location in the world via the Internet! VISEC is designed to be highly configurable and can even be used as a stealth surveillance system, allowing the program to operate secretly with just a few mouse clicks. And did we mention that Visec is extremely easy to use, installation and configuration will take only 5 minutes, even at a novice or newbie's hands. All that for just a fraction of a regular security system price.

Visec will turn your computer into a POWERFUL SECURITY SYSTEM in 5 minutes or less.

Visec® can run on a PC or MAC* 24 hours a day, even while you work on your computer.

  • Use your existing computer
  • Supports web camera, wireless, spy camera, ip cameras such as AXIS, Arecont IQ, Panasonic, Pixord, , and generic support for standard mjpeg. capture cards, USB capture devices and more.)
  • Be Notified to your cell phone, home or office when motion is detected
  • Visec will record all video when motion is detected, and even alert you to your phone or pda
  • Log in from anywhere in the world, including your cell phone to see live or past video.
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Easy to use - Installs in minutes
  • Wireless cameras available.  No expense or trouble of wiring.
  • Cameras with motion sensors so you don't watch hours of uselless video!

Your home and your family's safety is very important! Our home security systems will help defend your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary and forced entry. Make sure you're prepared to get help in the event of an emergency.


  Feel safe knowing you are in control
  Monitor your home 24 hours a day for free
  Monitor your office when away or after hours
  Be alerted to strangers, burglars or crimes as they occur
  Keep an eye on your car and other valuables
  Install in Day Care or Senior Home and give loved ones peace of mind
  Receive E-mail Alerts as soon as motion is detected
  Use as a covert surveillance system, and get reports over internet anywhere in the world
  Get peace of mind 24 hours a day by monitoring anywhere in the world
  Save money on CCTV system by using Visec instead
  No monthly fees


  Store months if not years of video surveillance history on your computer
  Control the level of motion sensitivity
  Use almost any simple, inexpensive USB camera, IP/ Network Camera, or Analog Camera
  Use pinhole cameras for covert surveillance
  See live and historical VIDEO
  Program can run in secret mode, while others use your computer
  Use multiple cameras at the same time
  Receive real time alerts with captured images attached, by email
  Installs fast and easy. Process requires no advanced computer knowledge
  Can be used as perimeter security system when connected to outdoor cameras
  Records time and date when motion is detected
  Highly and easily configurable
  Receive alerts to phone, pager, office or any other communication devices that are email ready
  Can be used with wireless cameras and receivers
 Supports IP/Network Cameras

  Quick response time to support inquiries
  User friendly support manual and documentation
  Supports up to 64 IP cameras
  Display Video on up to 8 monitors
  Watch Dog and Crash Reporting
  Use your browse or download our Free Remote Viewer

Please click here for Visec Security Service


                        0 ge security.png

How the GE Security System Works

GE Home Alarms security system provides flexible equipment packages so that you can customize a security system that meets your specific needs. To help detect burglars and intruders, wireless sensors that are part of any GE security system package, are placed on the doors and windows as well as wireless motion detectors that are used inside the home. Also, part of any GE security system package is the talking command station, which receives the signals from the wireless devices and sounds the 100dB interior siren.

With our 24/7 alarm monitoring service, the talking command station then attempts to notify the monitoring facility about the problem in your home by sending the signals either through your landline telephone or broadband Internet connection. The monitoring facility will allow you enough time to cancel the alarm from your home by entering the correct 4-digit code.

If the code is not entered on the GE security system, we will attempt to contact your home and ask for your correct password to verify whether it is a false alarm or a real emergency. If the correct password is not received on the first attempt to call your home, then our monitoring facility will immediately attempt to dispatch the appropriate emergency authorities to your home.

At that point, we would then attempt to call your emergency contact numbers to notify you, your family, and any friends or neighbors on the list about the problem at your house.  Please click here



By now you've heard the stories about Americans whose identities have been stolen. They're not pretty?people working for hundreds of hours over many years to get their lives back in order, kids not getting student loans because someone has already ruined their credit, people losing homes because thieves placed mortgages they never knew existed, even innocent individuals ending up in jail.

LifeLock can keep this from happening to you and we guarantee our service up to $1,000,000.

We're the leaders in a growing industry. You've seen us in countless news stories. You've heard Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey, Dr. Laura, Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, Dr. Joy and others endorse us. Look at what our clients say. Check us out. If you've got a reason to worry about Identity Theft, we're sure that you'll find LifeLock is right for you.


  equipment for law enforcement and security professionals      protect your family wiht self defense products 

 SecurityProUSA,get your own defense equipment   self degense items for women and men 


   Protect America GE Alarm Systems 




Great Alarms Free Installation and free hardware from $29.95/mo Great Alarms home security systems offers friendly customer support - all orders are taken over the phone where you can ask as many questions as you want. Most of the plans are $29.95/month, with free hardware and free installation!



^^^^Investigate Anyone in any US State and Country Online.^^^^

Plus Complete sources for ALL Public & Vital Records . Advanced Tools for People Searches . And a Massive Collection of Investigation resources including:

Public Records . Birth Records . Court Records . Criminal Records . Social Security# Records . Police Records . FBI Records . People Search . Property Records . Arrest Records . Bankruptcy Records  . Childcare and Nanny Screening . Felony Arrests . Inmates locator . Judgment Files .  Plaintiff/Defendants . Adoption Records . Probate Records . Death Records  . Sex offenders . Skip Tracing . Small Claims Records  . Unlisted home & cell phone numbers . Marriage Records . All Vital Records . Warrant Files, Unlimited Background Checks . Divorce Records . Criminal Record Checks . Identity Theft, Fraud and Alias Files . Military Records . Birth and Marriage Certificates . Legal Records . Genealogy . Employee Background Verifications . Prison Records . DMV and DUI Files . and much more!!

Records Registry is the #1 Source for
  Public Records on the Internet. 



0 emergency auto dialer.gif    Emergency Auto Dialer 


  • Sends an emergency voice message to the authorities, relatives, and friends
  • Features 2-way communication capability
  • Dials up to 9 numbers you select and delivers your recorded message
  • Overrides occupied lines for emergency calls
  • Regular phone, cell phone, and pager compatibility
  • No monitoring fees                


  Don't be the next victim of mail fraud, tampering or identity theft: 

    Mail Chime   The Mail Chime's sensor mounts in your mailbox and sends a wireless signal to the receiver in your home to alert you when the mail arrives.       

   Locking Mailboxes:      

Oasis Mailbox - Hopper

Oasis Mailbox - Hopper Door

If you purchase many items by mail order catalog or via the Internet, this “Oasis” locking mailbox is your solution for small parcel delivery and security. Its patented hopper door allows for delivery of mail bundles and small parcels. Available in 5 colors – black, white, gray, sand and bronze. See drop down menu for color options.This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for order processing along with normal shipping times.




                         Peninsula locking Mailbox    

            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Locking Mailbox^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Know When Mail is Delivered--Mailbox alert--Mail Chime

Rather than leave you a little “call” slip when you’re not home to accept delivery of a package, the delivery man can now leave the actual package in this secure parcel box…you won’t have to run to the post office during lunch! Visi-Lock™ system allows the box to be opened once by the delivery person; it then locks automatically until you use the key (two included) to open it; can also be left unlocked. Tough, weather-resistant polypropylene; stamped steel door.

        Brink's Steel Digital Fingerprint Technology Fire Safe  

Brink's Steel Digital Fingerprint Technology Fire Safe


Q-See Fingerprint door Lock Left handed

Q-See Fingerprint door Lock Left handed

Q-See Fingerprint door Lock Left handed with Keypad is the easiest way way to unlock the Door. Keep the key in your pocket or purse, to open door, just press the keypad sensor with your registered fingerprint or enter PIN. It is great for a house keeper or Guest or anyone that you'd rather not have a key to enter House, Office, Meeting Room or Storage Area. It is easy to install and configure. Requires 4 AA Battery and it last about 1 year in normal operation.

  Q-See QSB180 Fingerprint & Keypad DoorLock with 1-Latch  Q-See QSB180 Fingerprint & Keypad DoorLock with 1-Latch

 Q-See QSB9000 Fingerprint & Keypad DoorLock With 5-Latch  Q-See QSB9000 Fingerprint & Keypad DoorLock With 5-Latch

 home and business security approved by police and professionals  Visit firstSTREET Online today    Click here to start saving!      


 ^Please click above link for equipment to set up internet access to remote features in your home such as lights, heat, and security.

 make your license plate invisable to
 cameras,avoid tickets 









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