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Low Cost Telecommmunications is proud to present:




Independent agents welcome.  Why not make a commmission on your own usage as well as an excellent business opportunity?




Also great for fundraising for schools, churchs, and other organizations.  Our services can be sold as a fundraiser.   Tax exempt organizations will receive their commission on a tax exempt basis.  Why not create a commission base your organization will receive as long as the customer uses many of our services.  Just sign up as a regular agent and then submit your tax exempt TIN.  


^I would like to help your group's fundraising effort.  Since I am your sponsor, I is my pleasure to donate 50% of the commission that I receive due to your groups sales back to your group.  Please notify me that your group has signed up and you will begin receiving checks from me as I receive mine.  Applies to Commission River commissions on the above link ONLY.  Contact me

 business opportunity for independent agent  Quit Your Job: Make money from home!     








If you sell, service, or install telephone, VOIP, computer, or internet equipment please click one of the 5 links above if you would like to get referrals to your company from us.  We provide high quality leads.


Get Products for your website here:   Affiliate program for merchants:


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