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Low Cost Telecommmunications is proud to present: 

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^Sorry the above Varnet service is for commercial users only^

ADA Telephone equipment for people with disabilities as well as regular telephone equipment and telephone equipment with security features to control incoming and outgoing calls:

 TV Ears (please scroll down or click here for image and description)  

Please click here for VOIP Telephones and equipment

 Emergency Auto Dialer gives you and your loved ones peace of mind by automatically dialing up to 9 phone numbers you pre-select at the press of the "panic" button on its included wireless keychain transmitter.

Loud telephone ringers, loud bells, & flashing ring indicators:

         Viking Electronics Visual Ring Indicator-

                                                                 Viking Electronics Visual Ring Indicator


Ameriphone Wake Assure

Ameriphone Wake Assure

Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker. Will Wake Up Even The Deepest Sleeper. Free Shipping



Ameriphone AME SR200 Extra Loud Phone Ringer

Ameriphone AME SR200 Extra Loud Phone Ringer

Boost Ring for the Hearing Impaired. Volume Up To 100Db. Free Shipping on all orders


              Extra-Loud Phone Ringer for Outside and Noisy Locations!                                 Telephone Signaler  

Extra-Loud Phone Ringer for Outside and Noisy Locations            Telephone Signaler--Never miss a phone call!

      Clarity® Extra Loud Phone
 WR100): R               portable Telephone Amplifier               

Clarity Extra Loud Phone Ringer (Walker WR100)       Portable telephone amplifier      

   Clarity W1100 Clarity

 Extra-Enhanced Amplified Phone   Clarity® Extra-Enhanced Amplified Phone (WALKER W1100) 

 Clarity 76565 Ameriphone For Severe

^76565 Ameriphone for Severe Hearing Loss - Amplified corded telephone- 12 Memory buttons for one-touch dialing (with labels)- Battery backup (batteries not included)- Extra large, high contrast, backlit buttons- Audio output for direct connection to assistive listening devices- Tone/pulse switchable- 2 Ringer pitches- Adjustable extra loud ringer (100dB)- Redial/hold/flash- Amplifier button (increases incoming sound up to 48dB)- Bright visual ringer (visual red light can be programmed to work as a voicemail message waiting light or as a visual ring indicator)- Tone selector- Digital signal processor (minimizes background noise)- Anti-feedback filter (eliminates feedback and distortion)- Hearing aid compatible- Wall mountable- White with black and white buttons (high contrast)-desk/wall mountableAMEXL50

 Ampliphone   Freedom Amplified Phone  

                   Portable Ampliphone                                    Freedom Amplified Phone

Amplified Miracle Phone(tm)

Amplified Miracle Phone(tm)

"At long last...I can hear my granddaughter's voice on the phone again!"


 Liberty Amplified Phone   Telemergency Amplified Phone  

                Liberty Amplified Phone                          Telemergency amplified phone   

 Panasonic KXTS500W  

Panasonic KXTS500W/ 3-Step Ringer Volume/ Electronic Volume Control/ Wall-Mountable/ White Finish

 Plantronics C435 Clarity® Amplified

 Cordless Phone: R                        

Plantronics C435 Clarity #174; Amplified Cordless Phone               


Caller ID Speakerphone

Caller ID Speakerphone

This new, easy-to-use telephone tells you who is calling before you pick up thephone. Ideal for seniors and the hearing impaired, it offers the stat-of-the-art features found in more expensive telephones. 7" x 7 1/4". Features:; -Talking Caller ID -Extra-Large, Easy-to-Read Display-Extra-Large Keypad for Easy Dialing -Extra-Loud, Adjustable Receiver Volume-Extra-Loud Adjustable Ringer Volume -Incoming CallMemory for 90 Numbers-Phone Book with 25 Entries-Speakerphone with Hands-Free Dialing-8 Ringer Melody Selection -7 Language Selections-Fax/Modern Jack-Desk or Wall Mountable ;


 12 Button Speakerphone Telephone   

                                                      12 Button Speakerphone Telephone


Ameriphone Q90D Digital Cell Phone Compatible Combination TYY/VCO

Ameriphone Q90D Digital Cell Phone Compatible Combination TYY/VCO

The stylish, light-weight and portable Ameriphone Q90D combination TTY/VCO, by Clarity, is ideal for use in homes and offices as well as while traveling. *68-key PC-style keyboard with one touch buttons for typing commonly used phrases *Connects to your TSB-121 compatible cellular telephone *Text answering machine with programmable personalized greeting and remote message retrieval *Built-in microphone for hands-free Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls *Place Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls with optional speakers or headset

Ameriphone - Clarity DIIIP Text Telephone with Printer and Text Answering Machine

Ameriphone - Clarity DIIIP Text Telephone with Printer and Text Answering Machine

The Ameriphone DIIIP Text Telephone (TTY) with text answering machine and built-in printer is a top-of-the-line advanced communication device for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. *51-key full-size PC-style keyboard *Bright, easy-to-read display *High-speed printer with three print sizes *Text answering machine with two programmable personalized text greetings *Extra-bright visual ring indicator *Flexible acoustic coupler works with most handset shapes *"Express Type" lets you type ahead of the actual transmission





Compu-TTY PocketComm

Compu-TTY PocketComm

Portable TTY / VCO / HCO Communicator. Lightweight And Compact Design. Free Shipping ON All Orders



Clarity Headset Amplifier for Cordless Phones MHA-100

Clarity Headset Amplifier for Cordless Phones MHA-100

Amplifies incoming sound up to 24dBWorks with most mobile and cordless phones with a standard 2.5mm jackAdjustable volume and tone for clarityEarbud adjustable for left or right ear Ideal for mobile professionals who hold conversations in noisy environments



 AT&T 1738 40-Minute Digital Answering System with Time Day Stamp                                                                      

AT&T Digital Answerer with Caller ID Announcement       Hello Direct Pro Amplifier            

TV Ears  TV Ears:

Great for people with mild or moderate hearing loss, the TV Ears allow you to clearly hear the TV without turning up the volume. This is accomplished through the use of voice-enhancement technology, which raises hard to hear words above the program's background sound so they'll stand out.

A microchip in the headset dampens sounds below 100 Hz (where background sound exists) and increases the volume of sound above 1000 Hz (where speech frequencies begin). The maximum volume of the TV Ears is 120 dB - almost three times that of other headsets!

Volume, tone, and balance controls allow you to customize the output to match your hearing requirements. They work on all TVs, VCRs, DVDs, video games and stereo systems, and even most playhouses and movie theaters thanks to their 95KHz infrared technology.


           Emerson Jumbo Caller ID Display


          Talking Caller ID with Call Waiting                                     Voice Announce Talking Caller ID       

 GE 29096GE1 Call Waiting Caller ID  (not talking)

 Model 438 Internet Caller ID/Call Waiting Adjunct, Dark Gray/Silver  

3-Input Telemergency Phone Dialer

 200 Series Miniature Pendant Transmitter                             


Cordless Phone Emergency Backup for power outage    

 Battery Back-up for Cordless Phone System,ups for cordless phones  

^Battery Back-up (UPS) for Cordless Phone System                                                     


 Uniden  5242 900 MHz Submersible Cordless Phone 

Telephone security and privacy:


Call Screener

Call Filter Automatic Call Screening Unit



Caller ID Box Has Ring Regulator to Give You Total Control Over Your Calls:


  • You determine which calls always get through, get through at specific times, or never get through
  • Database holds 270 callers and numbers
  • Built-in phone number doubles as speed dial service

    Are you relying on Caller ID and the Do Not Call list to avoid unwanted callers? These services are certainly convenient in this busy age, but they are also limited. If an unwanted caller phones in the middle of the night, you shouldn't even have to hear the phone ring! The Caller ID with Ring Controller makes it so you won't ever have to again. This easy-to-use device lets you determine which calls always get through, which calls can only come in during certain hours of the day, and which calls can go straight to your answering machine.

    The Caller ID with Ring Controller gives you total control over your telephone. This fully programmable unit lets you decide who can ring your phone and only lets them through when you want to talk. When a call comes in, the microprocessor checks the caller's relationship from your preset phone number lists to determine whether to allow your phone to ring or not. Then, depending on who is calling and what time of day it is, the phone will ring or remain silent based on your wishes.

    The database stores up to 270 phone numbers and names, which can be programmed in using the easy-to-read four-line LCD or just saved from the Caller ID memory, which stores caller information from the last 100 calls. Designate whether you want your callers stored on your A-List, B-List, or R-List: A-List callers will always get through; B-List callers can call during the daily hours you specify; and R-List callers will be rejected, no matter how often they try! Changing caller status is easy, should you change your mind, and you can bypass the device if desired, if you're expecting a call from a number normally on the reject list.

    The A-List and B-List also serve as your personal phone book, connected directly to your phone and putting everyone you know in your speed dial, ensuring there are no more misdialed calls. You can search through this 250-number list by typing in the first characters of the caller's last name.

    The Caller ID with Ring Controller has three colored indicator lights to show the caller's status, making it possible from across the room to determine whether to pick up the phone. Additional features include data protection, so you won't lose your database in the event of a power failure. No batteries are required. The Caller ID with Ring Controller works for fax machines, as well. You'll never again get an ad faxed through that you don't want!

    The Caller ID with Ring Controller is also available in black. Caller ID is a service provided by your phone company for a fee.

    Please Note:The Caller ID with Ring Controller is designed for use with USA-based phone systems only and will not work with European or other Caller ID systems.

     Caller ID with Ring Controller - Black - RC002B 



                           ^Phone Manager Plus V1170^ (please click on image)

                                    Description of Phone Mahager Plus V1170:

  • It's like having a private detective monitoring phone activity 24/7
  • Works on any analog telephone line — take it with you when you travel
  • Function keys are clearly labeled and easy to use
  • Does not require Caller ID service to monitor outgoing calls
  • Telephone LineLok (Toll and use restricter)

              Control incoming and outgoing calls:

    • Program 12 on/off cycles and four tables
    • 911, 3 programmable emergency numbers can always be called
      Easy to install and tamper-resistant

      You don't have to live with teenagers to know how high telephone bills can skyrocket. Whether you want your family to limit late-night phone calls or whether you have employees making international, long-distance, or 976 calls on your bill, the Telephone LineLok is a completely programmable telephone management system that will help your monthly phone bill reach a reasonable total. The LineLok allows you to set up when the phone and dial-up Internet can be used. Once you replace your existing phone jack with the LineLok, you can control when your telephone can be used without paying the phone company for long-distance blocking and operator-assisted calls.
        Telephone LineLok                            


    AT&T 210B Trimline black   AT&T 210 Trimline white              

      Click to see all Low Vision aids.   

     100 Foot Flat Phone Wire    Telephone and low-voltage wire that disappears.  Flat design that allows installation in locations where running cable through walls isn't feasible, so thin, you can run it under carpets. 100 Foot spools

     100 Foot Flat Phone Wire- 4 conductor  




    RCA TP038WH 5-Wire Universal Junction Box (White) SPECS: Easy way to wire multiple stations White.


                        TELEPHONE LINE FILTERS:  block noise that is on your phone line


    ^For illustration. Please click on text link below:

     Noise Filters (RJ-11, Telephone Line)   Noise Filter (RJ-14 , Two Line)  

     Noise Filter (RJ-9 , Handset Jack) 

     Signal Blocker (AM Radio)  Signal Blocker (CB/Ham Radio)  Signal Blocker (FM Radio)             


     America's Stake in European Telecommunication Policies


     Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks

     Government Control and Multinational Strategic Management: Power Systems and Telecommunication Equipment   

     Introduction to Telecommunication

     Perspectives on Radio and Television: Telecommunication in the United States

     Planning Telecommunication Networks  

     Tele-Nurse: Telephone Triage Protocols   

     Telecommunication Circuit Design, 2nd Edition

     Telecommunication Essentials: The Complete Global Reference Source to Communications Fundamentals, Data Networking and the Internet, and Next-Generation Networ

     The Telecommunication Handbook  

     Telecommunication Networks and Services: Network, Systems, and Services

     Telecommunication Policy for the Information Age: From Monopoly to Competition  

     Telecommunication Wiring  

     Telecommunication Economics and International Regulatory Policy   

     Telecommunication Policy for the Information Age: From Monopoly to Competition   

     Telecommunication System Engineering, 3rd Edition   

     Traffic System Design Handbook: Timesaving Telecommunication Traffic Tables and Programs  

     Trans-European Telecommunication Networks: The Challenges for Industrial Policy    

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    Barclay Enterprises, Inc. repairs and sells telephone equipment --- over 25 brands, 125 systems. "Setting the Standard of Quality" since 1988.

    ^Please click above link for repair and sales of old style telephone equipment and newer equipment including business systems!^


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