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^Please check out Clear for mobile VOIP and high speed 4G wireless broadband!


  ^Low prices on cellular and wireless internet providers^

Amazon Wireless for a large cellular selection!

Cell phone numbers are now portable:
Cognigen is excited to say that we have been supporting number portability through our online wireless store. Customers in an eligible service area can simply go to the online wireless store by clicking here to place a number portability order or to access a Number Portability Tool that enables users to evaluate personal savings while comparing plans from seven major carriers along with network quality ratings provided from JD Power and Associates. 
 I suggest you read your present contract.  Your current cell provider may charge you for early cancellation. 

Recycle your cell phone and get paid!


>>>Rates quoted are subject to change and are plus tax and fees stated in the Terms of Service of each provider. Please read Terms of Service! 

Prepaid Cellular (please scroll down for regular cellular)

Cellular especially designed for international tarvelers or those living abroad"


Why One International SIM Card?

OneSIMcard is a prepaid international SIM card that allows you to take your GSM mobile phone overseas, without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless service provider.

It is VERY SIMPLE - all you need to do is replace your phone's existing SIM card with international SIM card when you travel. Save up to 85% compared with your regular mobile phone service and even receive calls for FREE in more than 54 countries. OneSimCard international mobile service works in over 150 countries.

OneSimcard is designed mainly for travellers or those living overseas.  Please check our low rates which are lower  than AT&T, T-Mobile and othersYour OneSimcard will work in Cuba!



                          Billed Cellular


Firefly™ Phone
0 fireflyphone-buttons 20051224.gif
Firefly™ is the mobile phone designed for kids. It's small, sturdy, and shaped to fit a kid's hand. With a kid-friendly keypad, the Firefly™ phone is the fun way to keep kids connected to the people who matter most.
  • GSM 850/1900 MHz
  • Speed dial Mom, Dad, and 911 assistance
  • PIN-Protected calling restrictions
  • Backpack clip makes it hard to lose
  • Optional inbound calling restrictions
  • 5 animations to choose from
  • 12 ring tones to choose from
Dimensions: W: 1.75" D: 0.79" H: 3.46"
Weight: 2.12 oz
Battery Life: Up to 6 hours talk time/ 205 hours standby

  Firefly has parental controls, mom and dad speed dial keys, and 911 button!

Cellular Equipment:

            mobile PhoneTools - overcome your cellphone limits,sync contacts & calendar,backup phone contacts,create mobile ringtones & wallpaper,connect mobile to high speed internet 

^Our complete cell phone-to-PC communications solution^

mobile PhoneTools creates unlimited communication possibilities by synchronizing your cell phone with your PC and allowing you to exploit the most powerful features of your phone: Connect your cell phone to your laptop and get Internet access via cellular networks when there are no WiFi options available. Synchronize your PC and cell phone contacts in Outlook. Send SMS messages directly from your laptop. Create your own ringtones, wallpaper and MMS slide shows and transfer them to your cell phone. Our wireless Bluetooth solution makes it even more convenient to use Mobile PhoneTools on the road.

Jitterbug cellular phones with large buttons and large screens"

     jitterbug cell phones with powerful speakers   

  •  ^This plan is specifically designed for those who intend to use the phone for those daily "quick" calls that everyone makes, but not for lengthy conversations. These calls include everything from making appointments, calling emergency services (if needed), staying in contact when trying to meet with someone, or for directions if you get lost.

  • Jitterbug was created to provide Baby Boomers and their parents with perfectly simple cell phones and services that work the way they want them to. Jitterbug is designed to be the easiest cell phone ever to use. Simple phone. Affordable rate plans. Friendly live operators 24 hours a day. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  •  Cell Phones Made Easy

    There are many people who simply want to use their cell phones for calls, period. These individuals range from college students who frequently lose or damage their phones to first-time buyers to senior citizens whose kids or grandchildren want them to use a cell phone.

    About a year ago, GreatCall Inc. introduced its Jitterbug cell phones to address this need for simple cell phones. The Jitterbug. cell phones offer large keys, a free operator service and the phone's own number prominently displayed under the screen. And, unlike other cell phone companies, Jitterbug offers no contracts, no fees to switch or cancel, no long distance and no roaming fees.

    The Jitterbug comes in two models: the Dial, with a numeric keypad and the OneTouch, with just three large buttons labeled Operator, Tow and 911. The Dial model comes in graphite or white, and its buttons and on-screen lettering appear considerably larger than most cell phones. Its number keys glow bright white and are encircled by yellow borders.

    The free operator service can be reached from Jitterbug phones by pressing "0" on the dial phones or “operator” on the one-touch phone. This operator greets users by name, places calls on the user's phone (saving you the trouble of dialing) and can add numbers to a phone's contact list if a user doesn't want to or can't do this.

    The Jitterbug is comfortable to use for longer phone calls because of its cushioned earpiece, which blocks out external sound and helps the phone rest easier between your shoulder and ear during conversations. Additionally, it can be pre-programmed with up to 50 names and numbers, a feature that new cell phone owners will find valuable.

    The Jitterbug Cell Phone and Service is not just an easy-to-use phone with bigger backlit buttons and larger, easy-to-read text, but a whole new cell phone experience tailored specifically to the needs of those who want simplicity. It‘s a great gift for Mom and Dad and a “wish list” item for anyone who wants a hassle-free way to connect with family and friends when they’re away from home.



  •  iPhone accessories   


    AC Adapter For Car Charger

    AC Adapter For Car Charger

    This wall plug adapter allows you to use your vehicle charger in any AC electrical outlet. Now you can put your vehicle charger to use even when you're not in your car. Features: Converts any car chargers into a home or travel charger. Simply plug your car charger into this adapter's socket and the other end into your phone. Plug this unit into a regular 120 volt wall outlet. Pocket sized, lightweight.




    RCA Cell Docking Station with Cordless Handset and Base 

      The new RCA Cell Docking Station with cordless handset and base provides an instant second phone line so you can select between a land line or cell call at the touch of a button! Answer and make cell calls with the cordless handset, plus use your cell minutes for long distance calls. Expandable up to 3 cordless handsets. Includes 1 cell docking base, 1 cordless handset with recharge cradle, and 3 cables for Motorola, Sony, and Ericsson cell phones.
    2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum — Delivers secure, clear conversations.
    Select land line or cell call — Provides an instant second line so you can make or receive a land line call while another user is on a cell call.
    Expandable to 3 cordless handsets — Expand to 3 cordless handsets (not including cell phone in dock station). Answer a cell call from another cordless handset.
    Call Waiting/Caller ID — See who's calling and answer incoming calls while you're already talking on the phone.
    Handset speakerphone — Talk hands free, select between a land line or cell call at the touch of a button. Speakerphone and conference call capability.
    Headset compatible — Requires headset with a 2.5mm jack.
    Cell phone battery — Charges while your cell phone is on the docking station.
    Requires AC power only — Plug in docking station anywhere for cell reception.
    Before you buy
    Use of Caller ID requires subscription to Caller ID services.

    Compatible with Motorola, Sony, and Ericsson cell phones.

     RCA Cell Docking accessory handset                           

      Improve PCS Cell Phone Signal Reception Indoors:

       <Wireless Extender Repeater System

    Product number:  YX500-PCS

  • Improves indoor cell phone coverage up to 2500 square feet
  • Enhances wireless applications such as text messaging & cell phone Internet use
  • Works with all 1900 MHz PCS-based phones

    Ever notice how much better your cell phone signal strength is when you're outside? Whether you depend on a cell phone for social communication or to conduct business in your home, office or home office, in-building reception can be vital. You don't have to live with a lack of signal coverage in the environments that are most important to you: With the Wireless Extender - Repeater System cell phone signal booster, you can have the cell phone signal reliability you need to improve coverage in your home or office noticeably. The Wireless Extender - Repeater System cell phone signal booster supports 1900 MHz PCS-based phones only; phones are sold separately.

    The Wireless Extender cell phone signal booster improves cell phone signal strength through signal amplification, improving coverage up to 2500 square feet. Place the antenna high up in your attic and run the included RG-6 coaxial cable to the room where you'll keep the base. Once connected, you'll enjoy reduced or eliminated static and fewer dropped calls.  

    The Wireless Extender cell phone signal booster enhances additional wireless applications, as well, including text messaging, cell phone Internet use, and PDA messaging.

    Note: If you can place a call outside your home or office, the Wireless Extender - Repeater System will help you by boosting the signal inside the building. If there is no signal outside, this unit will not give you any improvement in coverage.


  • Ameriphone Q90D Digital Cell Phone Compatible Combination TYY/VCO

    Ameriphone Q90D Digital Cell Phone Compatible Combination TYY/VCO

    The stylish, light-weight and portable Ameriphone Q90D combination TTY/VCO, by Clarity, is ideal for use in homes and offices as well as while traveling. *68-key PC-style keyboard with one touch buttons for typing commonly used phrases *Connects to your TSB-121 compatible cellular telephone *Text answering machine with programmable personalized greeting and remote message retrieval *Built-in microphone for hands-free Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls *Place Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls with optional speakers or headset


  •  Buy.com 


  • Best Rate Calculator:

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     PDA accessories 


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     low cost ring tones,low cost ringtones 

     cheap ringtones            

     Tactical gear 

  • Cell phone cases,pouches and accessories:

     "Universal Beeper/Pager Pouch - Raine, Inc."   

     "Pro Series Bravo Pager Case - Black - Raine, Inc." 

     "Pro Series Bravo Pager Case - Brown - Raine, Inc." 

     "Small Pager Case with Clip - Raine, Inc."   


          ^"Pager Extension Strap - Raine, Inc." ^

     Cell Phone Pouch 

     "Cellular Phone Case with Clip - Raine, Inc." 

     "Horizontal Cellular Phone Case - Raine, Inc." 

     "Cellular Phone Pouch - Raine, Inc." 

     "Micro Cell Phone Case with Clip - Raine, Inc." 

    Cell Phone pouches,cell phone cases              

      Ringtones, graphics, & wallpaper:

     Classical Ringtones    

  •  Movie Ringtones 

  •  Ringtones, Graphics, Horoscopes, Lottery and Weather Alerts 

     Hundreds of ringtones and graphics for your cell phone 

     49 cent ringtones and graphics 

     Unique ringtones and graphics 

     Get rid of that boring ringtone 

     Personalize the look and sound of your cell phone 

     What do you want your phone to do? 

     Online Games 

     Games and Cool Stuff 

     Info Services 



     Ringtones, Graphics & Text Messaging 

     Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson Ringtones 

     Nokia Ringtones 

     Show your patriotism with an Americana Ringtone 

     R&B Ringtones 

     Pop Ringtones 

     TV Theme Ringtones 

     Movie Theme Ringtones 

     RockHeavy Metal Ringtones 

     Find a ringtone of your favorite song 

     RapHip Hop Ringtones 

     Cool polyphonic and monophonic ringtones 

     Monophonic Ringtones    

  • What do I do with my old cell phone? By Andy Whiteman

    Deactivated cell phones may still be used for emergency calls by calling 911.  They may also be used for other calls by calling 611 and arranging alternate billing with the operator service you reach.  I suggest that you ask for rates before using this service.  If you want to dispose of your old cell phone, I suggest donating it to support Breast Cancer Research by clicking here .  You will receive a postage paid mailer to send the cell phone in.

  •  make your license plate invisable to cameras,avoid tickets                                                          




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